Friday, August 22, 2014

Bryce Caynon

Memorial Day weekend I went down to Bryce Canyon (and big surprise, went running):

After I finished, it started to snow!  At the time, it was my third run in a National Park and the third time it started to snow after I left the trail...

Trip Across Country

It's been hard to process photos.  I really don't want to spend the evening on the computer, when it seems my new job has me in front of one all day.  I took today off to play golf with the Ladies Team at NCR, however mother nature intervened, so I am working on photos.

Trip Across WY:  I already posted some of these when the laptop decided to work, but here area  few more.

From there I stopped by Devil's Tower and did a run on the trails around it:

Stopped by Mt Rushmore:

Finally, I started east...but only after a quick run through the Badlands:

then around the shores of Lake Michigan (no running):

It was a long trip, but I made it enjoyable by stopping and seeing the sights.