Sunday, August 23, 2015

Cloud splitter Training Run

Recall, last year Mark and I ran the 25k of the inaugural Cloudsplitter along the Pine Mountain Trail in KY and VA.   So, this year, I'm running a 100k in Oct...yes, that's 62 miles.  So this will be my farthest run undertaken to date.  I found out that a few other locals (well, local being relative...Dayton and Columbus) are going to run this as well.  One of the ladies wanted to do a training run along the trail, so we set out.  In addition, we picked up a few others, that weren't running the race, but wanted to experience the trails.

To give you an idea of the Cloudplitter 100k elevation:

you start out with a hike up a rocky/rutty road...not running but hiking.  We ended up in the fog.  Finally, we broke out to views of this:

Got lost a few times near Gold Fish Pond, but finally figured out how to use a gps unit we had with our course on it.  Meanwhile we found an old cemetery:

Finally, it was up some more to the ridgeline:

In my recon of the trail, I found that there were limited water sources, the one being Goldfish pond, the other Jenny Falls.  That was a hike back up, but much worth the cold water and rest.

Finally, a short climb to the fire tower for some great views:

Then it was time to turn around and head back the way we came...down.  The quads are feeling that today.

All and all a good weekend.  My new UD HardRock pack worked like a charm and had plenty of room for food and even extra water I decided to bring back from the falls in the filter pack.  The Tailwind worked like a charm, preventing me from bonking and allowing me to eat as i felt like it, not having to force myself.  That's been a problem in some of my other longer races.  I'm excited about the 100k.