Sunday, June 25, 2017


Okay, this is a bit overdone, but I kinda like it...

Grandma's 90th

My grandma celebrated her 90th birthday this week.  She wanted a party and that is what she got!

 (I'm only holding the dog to allow grandma some time to eat her cake)

 Eight of the nine grandchildren (unfortunately Chris was delayed by circumstances). 

She had a great time visiting with family and friends.  Thanks to all who helped arrange this great event.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

United States Military Academy (West Point)

I had a chance to visit United States Military Academy at West Point this week for the first time ever.  What a neat place with a great history.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Orchids are blooming!

I got this Paphiopedilum in 2016 with a bud on it, but the bud died before it could open (turns out I didn't water it enough).  So imagine my excitement when I noticed not one, but two stems coming up!  I asked the orchid society what to do to make sure I didn't kill it this time.  Now the bud has opened!  It's also got a second flower (in addition to the other stem).

In addition, one of the orchids that I bought in UT has a bud on it (the first in about 2 years).  That should bloom in about 3 weeks given my experience from before with this particular plant.  Finally, the phalaenopsis that Terri and Bill Stockman gave me for my retirement has also re-bloomed spectacularly: