Sunday, June 11, 2017

Orchids are blooming!

I got this Paphiopedilum in 2016 with a bud on it, but the bud died before it could open (turns out I didn't water it enough).  So imagine my excitement when I noticed not one, but two stems coming up!  I asked the orchid society what to do to make sure I didn't kill it this time.  Now the bud has opened!  It's also got a second flower (in addition to the other stem).

In addition, one of the orchids that I bought in UT has a bud on it (the first in about 2 years).  That should bloom in about 3 weeks given my experience from before with this particular plant.  Finally, the phalaenopsis that Terri and Bill Stockman gave me for my retirement has also re-bloomed spectacularly:

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