Friday, February 26, 2016

Germantown Metropark

Snow again this morning, it was actually nice.  Better yet, I reached the one week point and could start exercising again.  Now, when they say 50% of your routine, do they mean 50% slower, or 50% distance...(that should be attributed to Mark).  So off I went to the sloppy, snow covered trails for a leisurely 9 miles.  Yippee!

As I can down the hill to the lower portion of the trail, I decided to turn around and not go for a swim...

This was one of the creek crossings, not the lower section of the trail.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Snow Covered Cairns

The cairns I found at Grant Park on Monday were covered with snow this morning...

What a difference a couple days make.  The river was running fast and high given the rain and snow over the last two days.

Glen Helen Hike

This took a few days to process, I'm having trouble with my software and the most recent OS update for my Mac.  I was trying to use a new software program, but I am having trouble adjusting to it.  Not sure if its the "one".

On Tues (another wonderful spring like day here in OH), I went for a hike up at Glen Helen.  I hadn't been there for a few years.  Not because I didn't like the park, it's just not on my rotation.  Since it's a private park, they closed the trails the previous weekend to prevent damage to the trails.  That made a big difference in the lack of mud.

I didn't see as many birds, but heard them.  There were also some neat water works along the way.

Though I didn't take any pictures, they also have a Raptor Center that rehabilitates wounded birds.  They have a large variety of birds for education purposes. I may have found a good post retirement volunteering opportunity (that is if Mark lets me fully retire).  I also met up with a RWB friend, Janene, who works at the Outdoor Ed Center.  We had a nice chat about life, the universe and running...

Monday, February 22, 2016

A Walk in the Park

Yes, you read that correctly...a WALK.  I am currently on running restriction due to a recent surgery.  However, i can walk and today was an absolutely perfect spring day (except that it's still mid-Feb).

I went over to one of the local parks, Grant Park, to wander the trails.  They were a bit muddy, but nothing terrible.  The birds were out in force today...three types of woodpeckers, a couple hawks, chickadees, cardinals, creepers and even 2 Kingfishers.  That was neat to see, since they are usually very territorial.

Playing in the river to clean my shoes of the mud:

I love the beech trees against the blue sky

Out near the river, someone took to building multiple cairns.  There must have been a dozen of these back off the trail...

Monday, February 1, 2016

World's End Ultra Preview

Last weekend I decided to drive 16 hours to run ~17 miles...yes you read that right.  It was 8 hours each way, but well worth the trip.  In addition, I had the chance to check out our new point and shoot that we bought for our upcoming NZ trip, as well as for adventures such as these.  

It's been a while since we upgraded our little camera (and we haven't gone the way of the iPhone yet).  I read good reviews about the new Fuji XP90, and decided to check it out.  Turns out there is also an XP80 which is smaller and lighter, but no technical differences at all.  Great, I prefer the smaller for fitting into my pack.  It also has wifi ability to connect to my a tablet, can withstand 14F temps and is waterproof.  I'm still trying to figure out all the modes, but so far so good.

So on to the run.  In May, I will be running my second 100k at World's End State Park in PA.  Most of the run is on the Loyalsock trail.  The RD held a preview in Dec and again last weekend.  I wasn't able to make the Dec one, but really wanted to see the course.  It helps me get a feeling for what I will be running.  And boy, will it be a doozy...

But first the drive.  Of course, it being winter in OH, flying was out of the question.  At least it allowed me a chance to stop and run.  I found a nice trail in Cedarville PA called the Quehanna trail and ran a short loop.  It was snowing and pretty.

This new camera is pretty good at selfies...

The next day, I headed out to World's End State Park. 

After the first big climb...

yep, that is the trail...

Loyalsock creek

More hidden trails....

the end...

I'm glad i was able to get out there to check out the course.  This will be a challenging run in many ways.  While there is less elevation gain than Cloudsplitter, the terrain is definitely more difficult.  In addition, the trail is not as defined.  One final challenge, it has a 19 hour cut-off, which puts added pressure on race planning and preparation.  My plan is to do 4 hour/25k, just like at Cloudsplitter.  If I can stay with that, I'll be happy.

As far as the camera, I'm happy with it.