Thursday, February 25, 2016

Glen Helen Hike

This took a few days to process, I'm having trouble with my software and the most recent OS update for my Mac.  I was trying to use a new software program, but I am having trouble adjusting to it.  Not sure if its the "one".

On Tues (another wonderful spring like day here in OH), I went for a hike up at Glen Helen.  I hadn't been there for a few years.  Not because I didn't like the park, it's just not on my rotation.  Since it's a private park, they closed the trails the previous weekend to prevent damage to the trails.  That made a big difference in the lack of mud.

I didn't see as many birds, but heard them.  There were also some neat water works along the way.

Though I didn't take any pictures, they also have a Raptor Center that rehabilitates wounded birds.  They have a large variety of birds for education purposes. I may have found a good post retirement volunteering opportunity (that is if Mark lets me fully retire).  I also met up with a RWB friend, Janene, who works at the Outdoor Ed Center.  We had a nice chat about life, the universe and running...

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