Monday, February 22, 2016

A Walk in the Park

Yes, you read that correctly...a WALK.  I am currently on running restriction due to a recent surgery.  However, i can walk and today was an absolutely perfect spring day (except that it's still mid-Feb).

I went over to one of the local parks, Grant Park, to wander the trails.  They were a bit muddy, but nothing terrible.  The birds were out in force today...three types of woodpeckers, a couple hawks, chickadees, cardinals, creepers and even 2 Kingfishers.  That was neat to see, since they are usually very territorial.

Playing in the river to clean my shoes of the mud:

I love the beech trees against the blue sky

Out near the river, someone took to building multiple cairns.  There must have been a dozen of these back off the trail...

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