Monday, December 19, 2016

More Orchid shots

I just realized that 1/4 of my orchid collection is in bloom.  And they are all re-blooms (meaning I did not buy any of them in bloom at the store!).  4 orchids at the same time, wow!

This is the cymbidium that surprised us last year.  It decided to bloom again.  This time I did not have to banish it to the cold dining room to get the buds to open (must be way too cold here in OH).

Angraceum (same as last week, just a different angle).  I am worried that a second bud is not going to survive, as it seems to be yellowing.  There is still another stem, so we'll keep fingers crossed.

Epidendrum Star Valley: I bought this in Feb and it was in bloom, and rebloomed about a month later.  This time, it has a few more buds on it.

The  phalaenopsis in bloom was a gift from a co-worker for my retirement.  The original blooms all faded, but a few new buds showed up unexpectedly.

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