Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Breaking out of a Rut

 So after 3.5 years at AAU, I finally finished my dream and earned my MFA in Photography.  It was a challenging program, but I stuck to it and got it done.  And with a lot of success.  Not only did I have photos selected for shows over the last 2 years, but I was recognized by the school with a Director's Choice for one of my photos at the AAU 2021 Spring Show (https://springshow.academyart.edu/schools/photography).  I also was selected as a finalist for my portfolio.  That meant I had the chance to meet with industry reviewers and get feedback.  What a great experience.  

One thing that I learned is that I really stepped outside my comfort zone.  Combining the drone with self-portraiture is a new use for the technology.  Now to figure out how to capitalize on that.  It was suggested that I write.  Maybe I'll start that now, with this blog. 

I am going to start experimenting and making art again.  Let the photos come and see if a story comes out.  I will still shoot with intent and make sure there is emotion in the photos.  I have some concepts that I am loosely playing with right now as well.  My goal is to try to shoot a few times a week.  Create art, don't hold back.  

I found my IR camera again, and after getting new batteries, since I left the old one die completely, I am starting to use it again.  In addition, I am using my Holga lens.  Today, I wanted to see the world from a vantage point that I don't use often...

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