Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hills Golf Course

Since NZ is on standard time, the sun sets a bit earlier, giving me time to process photos.  It's also a bit easier to process photos when you take 40 vs the 150 taken yesterday. 

Today we played golf at the Hills Golf Club.  We put the address into Google Maps and proceeded to follow directions, to a lonely street with no golf in sight...typical, Google has brought us to the maintenance shed before on golf courses.  We started to drive to ask directions, when I pulled out the paper map...sure enough it was there (this was the only indication of the golf course...try finding this at 80 kph):

Lots of great golf holes and scenery.  They even spruced up the course with whimsical statues along the way.

(no this was not staged...my golf ball was found in that location)

Afterwards we went looking for another LOTR filming site, the Anduin River:


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