Friday, April 8, 2016

Jack's Point and Exploring Middle Earth

Jack's Point Golf Course, just south of Queenstown.  Beautiful layout, but very difficult greens.

This was the entrance to the sheep pasture that Mark had to drive across...

The Remarkables:  While not the specific LOTR site, they were used for some scenes.  This picture was taken from the golf course, near the sheep paddock from the previous picture.
After golf, we drove south to try to find more LOTR sites.  This time we were looking for the Fanghorn Forest in the Mavora Lakes region.  First we had a traffic jam:
Then we found the edge of the forest: 
First we had to cross this bridge to get there:

Then prior to our departure to Wellington, we stopped by Twelve Mile Delta to see if we could find any Oliphants...none were found.

Neither did we find any fish in the pool, like Sméagol did...

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