Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Farms from the Air

Outside of the cities and suburbs still there exists a vast landscape that is dotted with farms. The farms come in all shapes and sizes, as they stretch across the landscape. These farms are smaller, some may grow corn or soybean, while others are raising small herds of animals. Being a pilot, I’m always intrigued looking down on the land and the farms as I fly over them. Each farm has its own characteristic that you cannot see from the road. The random patterns created on the land, both man-made and natural, frame the farms in different ways. Farms from the Air is a documentary series that explores the patterns in these farms as seen from a bird’s eye perspective. Each photo is created in the locus amoenus tradition. Using color and lines and vantage point, the photos show the interaction of the farm and the land it sits upon. 

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