Thursday, December 13, 2018

Something Watching in the Wood

Something Watching in the Wood

Something Watching in the Wood is a series of representational abstract photographs that show the presence of another set of ‘eyes’ watching over us at any given time.  I spend a lot of time in the forest, either running or hiking.  As I look around, I see faces that are formed in the trees and branches.  Some may be human-like, while others may be animalistic.  They are my ‘Ents’ from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  They sit silently watching and waiting and when the wind blows, you can hear them argue amongst themselves in the leaves.  I am never alone, even when no one is physically present, there is always ‘something’ watching. 
The faces are in a desaturated, low brightness hue of purple to symbolize the mysticism of the coming change in seeing the particular faces that I am presenting. The same hue, value and saturation was used to tint each photo and create a to cohesive look to the series as well as minimize distractions from the background. The photos are leveled and use contrast in tone, as well as texture define the faces. The vantage point varies, as each face is never in the same position in a tree or log.
My inspiration for this project is drawn from abstract masters such as Minor White and Aaron Siskand.  In creating this series, I look deeper into the forms and the stories behind the expressions found in the trees.  In this case, the faces have a common theme in that they are all showing expressions concern.  As I dug deeper into why, I realize that I am questioning myself and decisions.  I am anxious about the path forward, and in the woods, my feelings are projected into my ‘Ents’. 

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